Shocking News: Charlie Sheen is HIV positive

“It’s a difficult 3 letters to soak up. It’s a turning point in one’s life,” the 50-year-old star stated. Sheen stated he made the statement to end a defamation of character and extortion efforts.

“I need to stop this assault, this battery of attacks and of sub-truths and really hazardous and mercurial stories that have to do with me, threatening the health of a lot of others that could not be even more from the fact,” he stated.

Sheen stated he’s relied on the medical diagnosis with individuals he believed he might trust in, however has actually paid upwards of $10 million to keep the health problem a key.

“Exactly what individuals forget is that that’s cash they’re drawning from my youngsters,” he stated about the “shakedowns” he has actually experienced. “I trusted them and they were deep in my inner circle, and I believed they might be valuable. My trust relied on their treason.”.

He stated appearing on TODAY will assist stop those payments.

“That’s my objective. That’s not my only objective. I believe I launch myself from this jail today,” he stated.

Sheen stated he was identified approximately 4 years earlier, however does not understand how he contracted the virus.

“It began with exactly what I believed was a series of squashing headaches,” he stated. “I believed I had a brain growth. I believed it was over.”.

He likewise insisted it was “difficult” that he purposefully sent the virus to others. While he confessed to having unguarded sex with 2 individuals given that the medical diagnosis, both were notified ahead of time and have actually been under the care of his medical professional. However Sheen dismissed the concept that he participated in high-risk habits.

“You’re discussing needles which entire mess? No, absolutely not,” he stated.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, which has no remedy(Now there’s many communities and dating sites for HIV positive singles). However “Charlie does not have AIDS,” stated the star’s doctor, Dr. Robert Huizenga, an associate teacher of scientific medication at the University of California, L.A.

While an HIV-positive medical diagnosis utilized to be thought about a death sentence, and there still is no treatment, medical improvements have actually assisted turn it into a workable health problem. Nevertheless, antiviral chemicals need to be considered a lifetime.

Sheen exposed he takes 4 tablets every day, and his medical professional stated the primary fight dealing with the star is not connected to HIV, however falling back into drug abuse issues or becoming part of anxiety associated to his medical diagnosis.

“We’re scared about Charlie. We’re so, so distressed that if he was extremely depressed, if he was abusing compound, he would forget these tablets which has been an unbelievable fear,” he stated. Nevertheless, he stated Sheen has actually been watchful about his routine.

“Amazingly, in some way in the middle of amazing individual chaos, he’s handled to remain to take these medications,” Huizenga stated.

Sheen stated he hopes by going public with the medical diagnosis, it will assist eliminate the stigma of HIV.

“I have a duty now to much better myself and to assist a great deal of other individuals and ideally with exactly what we’re doing today others will step forward and state, ‘Thanks, Charlie,'” he stated.

Sheen stated he informed ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller about the medical diagnosis when he figured it out. He likewise shared the news just recently with his earliest child.

“It struck her difficult, however she recuperated. She is difficult like her father,” he stated.

“I stated, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t inform you earlier, however it didn’t look like you might do anything for me and I didn’t wish to problem you with all the tension.’ However she was a rock star about it.”.

Sheen’s individual statement Tuesday restored a spotlight on Sheen’s struggling history with drug dependency, porno and woman of the streets.

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